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By Cohen Modern Dentistry, P.C
August 13, 2021
Category: Dental Procedures
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Cohen Modern Dentistry offers same-day crowns in Southgate, MI, to save your teeth from damage and decay. Dr. Jason Cohen uses CEREC technology to provide same-day crowns and transform smiles in a single appointment! Keep reading about the benefits of same-day crowns and come see us to save your smile with a custom restoration.

Dental crowns

Dental crowns are custom restorations milled from a ceramic material that can save teeth that have been damaged by trauma like a crack or chip, or teeth that have a significant amount of decay. When you have a crack or chip the tooth will be filed past it, and if you have decay it will all be drilled away. The remaining tooth is sculpted to make room for the crown, and a crown sits on top of a tooth to replace it.

Traditional crowns are made off-site at a dental laboratory. Typically, you would wear a temporary tooth cap that doesn't match your teeth perfectly while your custom crown is fabricated, and this can take up to two weeks. When you get same-day crowns in Southgate, MI, you can leave the office with a custom crown made to blend in with your smile.

Benefits of CEREC technology

CEREC stands for Chairside Economical Restoration of Esthetic Ceramics. This technology uses 3D photography and computer-aided design to create beautiful, custom restorations in a single appointment. There is no waiting period or temporary tooth cap, you have your custom crown made in our office in a day.

Your same-day crowns are also easy to care for. You just need to keep up a great oral hygiene routine at home and schedule regular dental visits. Your dentist will recommend brushing for two minutes twice a day, flossing at least once a day, and getting professional cleanings twice a year. If you grind your teeth at night, your dentist will recommend a nightguard to protect any crowns in your mouth.

Limit your time at the dentist and get a beautiful smile with same-day crowns! Dr. Jason Cohen of Cohen Modern Dentistry fits patients with same-day crowns to save teeth and transform smiles. Contact us for an appointment in Southgate, MI, at (734) 283-1263.

By Cohen Modern Dentistry, P.C
January 23, 2018
Category: Dental Procedures

Same-day crowns are the ideal solution for busy people. Southgate, MI, dentist Dr. Jason Cohen answers a few commonly asked dental crownsquestions about the crowns?

What are same-day crowns?

Same-day crowns look just like the porcelain crowns made in dental laboratories. They're hollow, tooth-shaped restorations designed to encase a fragile, damaged or flawed tooth. The porcelain crown process requires two appointments, but you'll only need to visit the dentist once if you choose a same-day crown. In fact, your crown will be made while you wait.

How can crowns be made so quickly?

Creating a porcelain crown in a dental lab is a time-intensive process. In most cases, patients have to wait about two weeks to receive their completed crown. Same-day crowns are created during your first and only visit using a milling machine located in our Southgate, MI, office. The machine fashions your crown from a block of ceramic or resin using detailed instructions from the CAD/CAM software.

What are the benefits of same-day crowns?

Same-day crowns offer a more convenient option for many people because they can be fitted in just one visit. Although crowns usually offer an excellent fit, problems do occur occasionally. If you choose a porcelain crown, you'll have to wait an additional two weeks to receive another crown if there's a problem. Should any issues occur with your same-day crown, a new restoration can be created during your visit.

Many patients find the same-day crown procedure more comfortable. Thanks to digital imaging capabilities, messy putty is no longer part of the impression process. Instead, a special camera will be used to create a digital impression of your mouth. Once your dentist makes a few tweaks to the design on the computer, the impression will be sent to the milling machine.

Same-day crowns eliminate the need for temporary crowns. These temporary restorations cover teeth after they've been reduced in size in preparation for a crown, but are somewhat fragile. When you have a temporary crown, you must avoid eating hard, tough or sticky foods that can break or loosen the crown. Luckily, you'll never have to change your eating habits when you choose a same-day crown. As soon as the crown is attached, you can resume eating your favorite foods.

Are you interested in learning if a same-day crown is right for you? Call Southgate, MI, dentist Dr. Jason Cohen at (734) 283-1263 to schedule your appointment.