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By Cohen Modern Dentistry, P.C.
June 21, 2019
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VeneersDo you want to renew your smile? Made from thin layers of ceramic and placed over the front part of teeth, veneers can give you the celebrity smile of your dreams! Led by Dr. Jason Cohen, Cohen Modern Dentistry in Southgate, MI, uses veneers to correct a myriad of cosmetic dental issues. Read on to find out how veneers can rejuvenate our smile!

1. They can brighten your smile. Dental veneers can brighten your smile instantly! Stain resistant and able to mimic the light-reflective properties of natural teeth, these porcelain shells can turn your smile from dull to dazzling!

2. They can repair broken teeth. If you have any broken teeth, veneers can make your smile look good as new. A single veneer can be used to fix a chip on one tooth, or you may choose to get veneers on all of your front teeth for a complete smile restoration.

3. They can hide crooked teeth. In many cases, patients with minor alignment issues can undergo veneer treatment to get the straight smile they've always wanted. Foregoing the need for orthodontic treatment, used to cover the front and sometimes side surfaces of teeth improving their function and appearance.

4. They can fix gapped teeth. By being bonded to the front-facing surface of your smile, porcelain veneers can be used to close the unsightly gaps or spaces between your teeth. If you have teeth that are a bit unevenly spaced, veneers are an excellent, minimally invasive treatment option to improve the appearance of your smile.

5. They can strengthen your teeth. In addition to being aesthetically pleasing, porcelain veneers are also incredibly strong and durable. They can strengthen your worn or weakened teeth and prevent further damage. Their resilience and strength are comparable to tooth enamel and is the material of choice for smile makeovers.

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By Cohen Modern Dentistry, P.C
July 26, 2017
Tags: Veneers  

Show Off Your Best Smile With VeneersVeneers


Smile problems? Veneers are thin coverings that are placed over the front part of the teeth to improve your smile. Cohen Modern Dentistry, which is located in Southgate, MI, offers dental veneers to their patients. Dr. Jason Cohen is one of the finest dentists in Southgate, MI. Here are six reasons to consider dental veneers. 

1. Hide Imperfections- Veneers make imperfect smiles look flawless. Veneers can hide imperfections that can be difficult to correct. As a result, the overall aesthetic of the smile is enhanced.

2. Fix Gapped Teeth- For some individuals, having a gap between their teeth can affect their self-confidence. Veneers are used to fix teeth with gaps between them. These shells fit over the surface of your teeth to create an evenly-spaced smile.

3. Cover Crooked Teeth- Crooked teeth can make people feel self-conscious about their appearance. Veneers are used to fix crooked teeth. These shells are bonded to the teeth changing their shape, length, and size.

4. Strengthen Teeth- Veneers provide strength and resilience comparable to tooth enamel. Veneers can strengthen and protect teeth that have chips or cracks. This is possible due to the durable, ceramic material that composes veneers as they cover your teeth. 

5. Whiten Your Smile- Stained teeth? Make your smile shine with dental veneers. Veneers will give you a whiter, brighter smile. Food and beverages do not stain dental veneers as they do teeth because unlike the enamel on your teeth, porcelain isn't porous.

6. Look Years Younger- It's no secret that your smile plays an important role in defining how old or young you look. If you want to look younger, getting veneers is a great place to start. Veneers will transform your smile and make you look younger instantly.

Invest in your smile... you wear it every day. Say yes to dental veneers! Call Cohen Modern Dentistry at 734-283-1263 now to schedule a consultation in Southgate, MI. Dental veneers won't just improve your smile; they will also change your life for the better. Here's to you.