Stop Your Tooth Pain with a Root Canal
By Cohen Modern Dentistry, P.C.
February 25, 2019
Category: Dental Procedures

Root Canal TreatmentHave you ever experienced a throbbing toothache? You'd do anything to make it stop, wouldn't you? At Cohen Modern Dentistry in Southgate, MI, Dr. Jason Cohen evaluates patients with toothaches and often recommends restorative root canal therapy. Comfortable, tooth-sparing, and pain-relieving, root canals extend the useful lives of millions of teeth every year.

Just What Are Root Canals?

Dentists call it endodontic therapy, but whatever the name, a root canal removes diseased and inflamed soft pulp from inside a tooth, including its roots. The pulp, composed of nerves, small blood vessels, and connective tissue, nourishes the tooth as it develops, but once a patient is an adult, the tooth can function well without the pulp. During a root canal procedure in Southgate, MI, Dr. Cohen opens the tooth, removes the pulp, seals the root canal and finally, crowns the tooth to strengthen and beautify it.

It Relieves Tooth Pain and More...

Root canal therapy has an undeserved reputation--that is, it's uncomfortable, causes infection in other parts of the body and simply doesn't work. Actually, the contrary is true, says the American Association of Endodontists (AAE). A root canal will relieve the pressure of an infected, injured tooth by removing the source of the problem and leaving only healthy tooth structure behind.

Additionally, root canal therapy eliminates infection at the source. The AAE maintains that there is no truth to the claim that having a root canal will make you sick.

Finally, most root canal procedures are highly successful. True, any dental procedure holds the possibility of failure, but by and large, root canals work and preserve tooth structure for many years.

Better Than Dental Extraction

Most dentists, including Dr. Cohen, would agree that root canal therapy is preferable to tooth extraction. Unless a tooth is hopelessly damaged, keeping it preserves natural tooth alignment, jaw bone dentistry, and strong biting and chewing. No dental prosthetic is equal to a real tooth.

Find Out More

If you have dental pain, drainage, a swollen jaw or other worrisome symptoms, Dr. Cohen will examine and X-ray your tooth and determine your best course of treatment. It could be root canal therapy. Please don't hesitate to call Cohen Modern Dentistry to schedule an appointment. Contact our Southgate, MI, office at (734) 283-1263.