How Dental Implants Could Complete Your Smile
By Cohen Modern Dentistry, P.C
November 27, 2017
Category: Dental Procedures

Are you an adult who is missing one or more permanent teeth? If so, then our Southgate, MI, dentist Dr. Jason Cohen is here to tell you dental implantshow dental implants could fix this problem and potentially restore your smile for the rest of your life.

What are dental implants?

If you’ve been looking for a long-term replacement for your missing tooth or teeth then look no further than dental implants. These small metal posts are designed to take the place of tooth roots and are placed within the jawbone where your missing tooth used to be.

An implant is designed to support a dental crown, a restoration that is designed to look just like the real crown of a tooth, while multiple implants can also be placed along the jawbone to support a dental bridge or dentures.

How do dental implants work?

In order for implants to take the place of tooth roots this will require a minor in-office procedure so that our Southgate, MI, restorative dentist can embed the titanium implant into the jawbone. Through special computer software, we will map out exactly where the implant needs to be placed. From there, we will drill a small hole into the jawbone where the implant will go.

After surgery, your mouth will take several months to fully heal. During the healing process, the jawbone and tissue will mend around the implant, making it a permanent part of the jawbone. Implants are the only restorations that naturally fuse together with tissue and bone, making it the only long-term restoration for replacing missing teeth.

Of course, once the jawbone and implant have fully fused together this provides a stable and resilient foundation from which to support a dental crown or other fixed tooth replacement.

Since surgery is necessary and there are several steps involved in getting implants this isn’t something that will just happen overnight. It’s important that our patients understand that it takes time and patience to get this restoration but that it’s well worth all the waiting in the end when you have an artificial tooth that functions and looks just like a real tooth.

Are you interested in getting dental implants? Want to find out if this is the tooth replacement you’ve been looking for? Then it’s time you scheduled an appointment with Cohen Modern Dentistry in Southgate, MI, to learn more.