How are Your Oral Hygiene Habits?
By Cohen Modern Dentistry, P.C
April 13, 2018
Category: Oral Health
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Is your daily routine truly keeping your teeth and gums their healthiest? Let’s find out!oral hygiene

You’ve been brushing your teeth for as long as you can remember; however, when was the last time you really thought about how you are brushing and caring for your teeth? If you don’t remember the last time (or it’s been a while), don’t worry. Better late than never! Our Southgate, MI, dentist Dr. Jason Cohen is here to offer up some helpful tips for keeping your smile looking and feeling its best.

Skip the Soda

We know there are a lot of people out there that just love drinking soda. Maybe it’s the sweetness that perks you up during that weekday afternoon lull or you just enjoy the fizzy carbonation. Unfortunately, no matter why you might like it, this popular beverage is one that you will want to avoid if you care about your oral health. First and foremost, the extremely high sugar content is enough to greatly increase your chances of developing cavities.

Sadly, diet sodas aren’t much better. Phosphoric acid is found in both diet and regular sodas and this acid can wear away teeth enamel. Therefore, your best bet is to opt for plain water and stay away from soda whenever possible.

Provide Thorough At-Home Care

It’s true that a healthy smile begins at home. While you’ll want to continue visiting our Southgate, MI, general dentist every six months for cleanings and exams, in between these visits it is your responsibility to keep teeth and gums clean and healthy. Here are some tips to follow when it comes to your oral care routine:

  • Brush twice a day and floss daily
  • Use a soft-bristled toothbrush and fluoride toothpaste
  • Set a timer to make sure you are brushing for at least two minutes every time
  • Replace your toothbrush/toothbrush head every 3-4 months, or when the bristles look worn
  • Try to floss at night right before brushing your teeth

Stop Using Your Teeth as Tools

Maybe this is a rule you’ve already heard before or perhaps it’s completely new to you. Whatever the case might be it’s important that if you are using your teeth for anything other than chewing or biting food that you stop now. Using your teeth to open plastic packaging, bottles or knots (just to name a few bad habits) can cause cracks and fractures in your teeth, and can even damage existing dental restorations like crowns.

No matter whether you are looking for a family dentist in Southgate, MI, or you are dealing with a toothache, it’s important that you have a dental team that you can turn to when it matters most. Here at Cohen Modern Dentistry, we want you to feel like part of our family. Call us to schedule your next appointment.