Are Sealants Right For My Child?
By Cohen Modern Dentistry, P.C
October 02, 2018
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Children With SealantsGood oral health and hygiene habits begin in childhood. Young children can be more vulnerable to tooth decay and cavities as their teeth mature and they learn to develop effective brushing and flossing techniques. Dental sealants can help to protect young teeth from bacteria buildup and tooth decay by smoothing the chewing surfaces of hard to reach back teeth and molars. The dentists at Cohen Modern Dentistry Dr. Jason Cohen and Dr. Killgrove offer pediatric and adult dentistry services in Southgate, MI.

Protect Your Children's Teeth with Dental Sealants in Southgate, MI

Sealants are a protective coating that creates a flatter and smoother surface to make the teeth easier to brush, and prevent food particles and bacteria from accumulating in the pits and crevices where the bristles of a toothbrush can't always reach. Sealants also work as an additional layer of protection as the enamel strengthens over time.

How Sealants Work

The procedure is non-invasive. In the first step, the dentist will clean the teeth and remove any traces of bacteria or plaque buildup. The plastic resin is brushed onto the teeth in liquid form and may be dried with a special blue light to help the resin harden in place. The application process takes a few minutes and can be completed in a single visit. Even if your child is nervous or afraid of the dentist, the sealant process is very gentle and straightforward.

Sealants are not a substitute for good oral hygiene practices and regular preventive dental care. Your child will still have to brush and floss every day and visit the dentist for preventive care and dental cleanings. In most cases, sealants can last up to a year. At each check-up, the dentist will monitor the sealants to make sure they are holding up.

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