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By Cohen Modern Dentistry, P.C
March 16, 2022
Category: Dental Procedures
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If you are missing a tooth you may be curious about what options you have when it comes to restoring your smile. Dental implants are in many ways the best solution to tooth loss. They are meant to be a final and complete restoration of a missing tooth. This treatment will last much longer and will be stronger than other options. Learn more about dental implants in Southgate, MI, from Dr. Jason Cohen and Dr. Timothy Killgrove of Cohen Modern Dentistry.

Better Support

The key difference between dental implants and other methods of restoration, such as bridges and dentures, has to do with the way in which they are supported. Dental bridges depend on adjacent teeth to serve as support for the tooth they are replacing. To accomplish this, these healthy teeth need to be reshaped so that a crown can be attached to them, then they will hold your new tooth in place.

Dentures depend on suction as their main method of support. These require a proper fit to perform at their best. So many of the common complaints people have regarding dentures are due to this factor. A dental implant is supported in a very similar way to your natural teeth. They use a titanium post that is permanently implanted onto the bone of your jaw, and it's onto this that your new tooth will be attached.

Dental Implants in Southgate, MI

One downside to dental implants is that they do require a longer initial investment of time, as the implanted post can take months to heal and fuse with the jaw bone. Implants can last a lifetime with proper care, and they don't need any special treatment when it comes to hygiene or diet, although good dental habits remain key to maintaining your smile.

If you're ready to restore a single missing tooth or a complete smile, find out if you're a candidate for dental implants. Call (734) 283-1263 to schedule a consultation in Southgate, MI, from Dr. Cohen and Dr. Killgrove of Cohen Modern Dentistry.

By Cohen Modern Dentistry, P.C
November 08, 2021
Category: Dental Procedures
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If you are currently dealing with infected or inflamed teeth in Southgate, MI, root canals may be a necessary step. Visit us at Cohen Modern Dentistry, where Dr. Jason Cohen and Dr. Timothy Killgrove can help save your infected teeth.

What Is a Root Canal?

A root canal is a procedure that is used on a tooth that has infected or diseased pulp. During this procedure, the dead and dying pulp tissue is removed. The area is then cleaned, disinfected, and filled with biocompatible material. Once the pulp area has successfully been cleaned and filled, the tooth itself is then sealed up. In some cases, a crown may have to be placed on top of the filled tooth to further protect it.

How Can a Root Canal Heal Your Teeth?

While many people dread getting a root canal, a root canal is actually a great option to have. If your tooth is infected, a root canal can still save it. If your tooth cannot be saved, it will simply have to be pulled out. When you visit your local dentist in Southgate, MI, root canals are a major way we often save infected teeth and prevent further problems.

When a tooth is removed, it leaves an empty space in your mouth that will cause the other teeth to shift or migrate. In the end, you may end up needing a dental implant or bridgework, especially if chewing and talking ability are affected. 

In other words, be grateful when you still have the option of getting a root canal. Going through the root canal process to fix a diseased or infected tooth is way more time and cost-effective than losing a tooth. Missing teeth can even result in the loss of bone structure near the area.

Don’t be afraid to get root canals in Southgate, MI. At Cohen Modern Dentistry, Dr. Cohen and Dr. Killgrove can treat your infected teeth with as much care and comfort as possible. Call us at (734) 283-1263 for an appointment today.

By Cohen Modern Dentistry, P.C
August 13, 2021
Category: Dental Procedures
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Cohen Modern Dentistry offers same-day crowns in Southgate, MI, to save your teeth from damage and decay. Dr. Jason Cohen uses CEREC technology to provide same-day crowns and transform smiles in a single appointment! Keep reading about the benefits of same-day crowns and come see us to save your smile with a custom restoration.

Dental crowns

Dental crowns are custom restorations milled from a ceramic material that can save teeth that have been damaged by trauma like a crack or chip, or teeth that have a significant amount of decay. When you have a crack or chip the tooth will be filed past it, and if you have decay it will all be drilled away. The remaining tooth is sculpted to make room for the crown, and a crown sits on top of a tooth to replace it.

Traditional crowns are made off-site at a dental laboratory. Typically, you would wear a temporary tooth cap that doesn't match your teeth perfectly while your custom crown is fabricated, and this can take up to two weeks. When you get same-day crowns in Southgate, MI, you can leave the office with a custom crown made to blend in with your smile.

Benefits of CEREC technology

CEREC stands for Chairside Economical Restoration of Esthetic Ceramics. This technology uses 3D photography and computer-aided design to create beautiful, custom restorations in a single appointment. There is no waiting period or temporary tooth cap, you have your custom crown made in our office in a day.

Your same-day crowns are also easy to care for. You just need to keep up a great oral hygiene routine at home and schedule regular dental visits. Your dentist will recommend brushing for two minutes twice a day, flossing at least once a day, and getting professional cleanings twice a year. If you grind your teeth at night, your dentist will recommend a nightguard to protect any crowns in your mouth.

Limit your time at the dentist and get a beautiful smile with same-day crowns! Dr. Jason Cohen of Cohen Modern Dentistry fits patients with same-day crowns to save teeth and transform smiles. Contact us for an appointment in Southgate, MI, at (734) 283-1263.

By Cohen Modern Dentistry, P.C
April 02, 2021
Category: Dental Procedures
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Discover the many smile benefits of getting dental implants from our Southgate, MI, dental team.

When you choose to get dental implants, you’re giving your smile a wide range of benefits to enjoy for a lifetime. Dental implants are unique from any other tooth-replacement option and our Southgate, MI, dentist Dr. Jason Cohen has helped many patients regain beautiful, full smiles again after tooth loss. Here are some of the top ways dental implants can improve your smile,

Fill Gaps in Your Smile

You must replace the missing teeth as soon as possible. Not only will a dental implant provide a natural-looking restoration to fill those embarrassing gaps in your smile but also it will prevent the rest of your teeth from drifting into these open gaps, which can lead to more gaps between teeth, crowding, and crookedness.

Eat What You Want Again

We know how challenging it can be to properly chew your food when you are missing one or more teeth. Another benefit to implants is that they fuse with the jawbone, so you never have to worry about your false tooth shifting or moving around when you eat. In fact, implants are just as capable of chewing food as your natural teeth, so if you’ve been avoiding certain foods because of tooth loss, dental implants can help restore your love of eating.

Feel More Confident

While dental implants certainly provide a wide range of advantages for someone with tooth loss, we’d be remiss if we didn’t mention the cosmetic benefits involved in getting implants. After all, an implant truly does look just like a real tooth. No more gaps in your smile, just a full set of teeth. We’re pretty sure you’ll feel more confident at work, socializing, and dating when you have a beautiful smile again.

Prevent Bone Loss

Bone loss is a serious complication of untreated tooth loss. Since the roots of your missing teeth are no longer stimulating the jawbone this causes the bone to lose density. A significant amount of bone loss can occur in just the first year of tooth loss, which is another reason why you should turn to our Southgate, MI, family dentist right away to find the right tooth replacement option to fit your needs.

Are you living with tooth loss here in Southgate, MI? If so, you may be wondering if you’re an ideal candidate for dental implants. To schedule an implant consultation with Dr. Cohen and his team, call Cohen Modern Dentistry at (734) 283-1263.

By Cohen Modern Dentistry, P.C.
November 24, 2020
Category: Dental Procedures
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You have a tooth that looks dark and feels very sensitive. Plus, you notice a couple of sores on your gum tissue. At Cohen Modern Dentistry in Southgate, MI, Dr. Jason Cohen offer comfortable and efficacious root canal therapy. This well-respected procedure could save your tooth.

What does root canal therapy involve?

Root canal therapy also called endodontic therapy--removes inflamed and infected soft pulp from the interior of a sick tooth. Whether your tooth is fractured, deeply decayed, abscessed, or simply weak from multiple procedures, it is in danger of extraction. And, dental extraction must be a last resort whenever possible.

So, before a root canal treatment at Cohen Modern Dentistry in Southgate, MI, your dentist will look at your tooth and its surrounding tissues, X-ray it, and review your symptoms. Many root canal patients come to our office suffering from a toothache, drainage, bad breath, missing tooth structure, cracked fillings, or a whole host of difficult dental symptoms.

These patients may be tempted to extract a troublesome tooth and just be done with it. However, if you can save a tooth, you also save your oral function, smile appearance, bone structure, and more.

So, regarding your tooth, if it qualifies for a root canal, you'll receive a numbing shot. Your dentist then accesses each root canal, the slender chamber coursing down every tooth root. He removes the damaged pulp (composed of nerves, connective tissue, and blood vessels), cleans the canals, and adds a sealant called gutta-percha.

A temporary crown caps off the tooth, and you go home to heal for a week or so. When you return to the office, you'll receive a brand-new porcelain crown to support, protect, and enhance the appearance of the restored tooth.

Would this procedure help your tooth?

The American Association of Endodontists says that up to 98 percent of root canal treatments succeed, and the teeth go on for years and years. Pain and other symptoms resolve, and best of all, you get to keep the tooth and avoid pulling it.

Living with your restored tooth

Once healed, expect your tooth to function well and look great. Enjoy your favorite healthy food selections, brush and floss daily, and see your dentist twice a year for a professional cleaning and oral examination.

Root canal therapy really does work

At the first sign of dental pain or other unusual symptoms, please contact Cohen Modern Dentistry in Southgate, MI at (734) 283-1263 today!